All My Friends Hate Me

by Lover's Speed

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released November 28, 2014

Recorded with Andrew Ferren through Ivory Recordings in Des Moines, Iowa. Being released through CD/Cassette through Lorax Records.

Oliver Weilein - Guitar/Vocals
Ian Marlow - Guitar
Donald Halbmaier - Bass
Jonny Dexter - Drums



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Lover's Speed Cedar Falls, Iowa

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Track Name: Iowa City Bound
When I'm here I'm surrounded by pricks
Frat boys, sorority girls, hip fucks, and hicks
Booze is the blood that runs through this cities heart
Whether in business or majoring in art

Bukowski might as well be Jesus here
These folks hail Nietzsche but then slam a beer
You may have wondered why I'm living here
Well I know..
Well you know...

I'm Iowa, I'm Iowa
I'm Iowa City bound
And nothing and no one can turn me around
Fuck work, and fuck all my stupid friends
Cause I'm going south to be with her
With her again

Don't get me wrong now it ain't all bad
Got Lipstick Homicide, got Nerv, and got Chad
An awesome punk scene below the parasites
Just gotta dig through the ticks and the mites

But the best part is who I live with
When every night I get a scientist kiss
Play Fallout and enjoy a vegan dish
Well I know...
Well you know...
Track Name: I'm Going To Get Beat Up For This
You say:
"Why don't hold my stuff girl, while I go flaunt in the pit?
See and everybody's welcome, given that you aren't a bitch."
Why can't I be tough and cool and big and fearful like you?
I want the primal respect and power that you do

But alas I have the body of a twizzler
And the strength of a child
Better be a lot more like a man
If I'm to be worth while

I'm independent and rebellious too
See here I'll look, act, and talk just like you
If there is one thing from you I have learned
Certain emotions are for "Pussy girls"

I don't know anything
Guide me you king of the scene
I want to be
You and your friends
Solving problems with spin-kicks and fists
Instead of your (head)
Head of the scene, Majesty
May I be one of you?
Even though you say...
I'm too much of a "skinny little faggot piece of shit."
Track Name: Misanthropy
They said that it would all get better
But it all got fucking worse
If there's an ass in my face
My lips won't purse

I'm not trying to say the world ain't gorgeous
It's quite a looker to be honest
It's this parasitic mess

I see it in myself, my friends
Inherent instincts just won't bend
For those who know how it should be

When I close my eyes
I see cities burning
People squirming
Gasping, pathetically for putrid air

Comparable to counting sheep
I count the bodies in the streets
Blissfully drift off to sleep
Got what they had coming...
Track Name: Shame
There's no God for me to bow to
There's no authority to look up to
No king, so I can't kiss his ring
When times get tough
I'll just have to be tougher
I won't rely on these pests
Too bad I'm just as bad as the rest

If you'd look inside me
You'll find blood and guts and ulcers and teeth
But I'm told
You won't find a fucking soul

Burned to ashes by my searing hatred
Bored to shit by all this time wasted
I'm a vessel that sleeps
I won't ever find true peace

One can't kill themselves when there's no self to kill
And I'm too fucking lazy for the stressful thrill
I'm just as bad as my disgusting enemy
Here comes a cliche, "the enemy is me."

My will to fight is almost gone
I've been suffering far too long
Don't try to help me
You don't owe me anything

The only honorable thing that I could hope to do
With this worthless fucking life
Is put an end to it
To this worthless life
But I'm too chicken shit