Dream of Form

by Lover's Speed

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released January 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Lover's Speed Cedar Falls, Iowa

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Track Name: Legend Of The Rent
You have the brains to be aware
But you caved in to the fear
Of alienation from your peers

They made it fun
They made it cool
To be an apathetic fool
Now you're just an average tool

So tell me how it feels
Sitting down there on your fucking knees
Waiting for something to trickle down
Groveling down at the plutocrats feet

Just drink some fucking booze and go to sleep
Just take some funny pills and go real deep
Distract yourself so you don't feel guilt
For this atrocity, cause you watch as it's built

And you tell me you don't care
Hide behind that "life ain't fair"
But this notion I don't buy
Reassured complacency
Buy whoever's on TV
They claim everything is fine
Just fine
They lied

It's hard to know just what to say
When you look the other way
Of all this shit so openly
Well I just want all you to know
That you'll all reap what you sow
When you call this wasteland home

Well I say no

No I won't break down
Under this petty social pressure

Fuck no
Fuck you
Track Name: At Sea
Here they come, all these tears
I don't know why they show
But they have been for these whole years
Since you've been here
And before you freak out, yeah before you freak out

Just shut up
Just slow up
These are all tears of joy
And before they deploy
I'm grinning
Yeah I'm grinning
Cause you're so smart and sweet
You're somebody no one can beat

And when I sleep
You're in every single dream
And I smile, as you speak
Cause you're words flow slow with ease
You're my sail, I'm on the sea
And you're what's directing me
with the wind, I float free
There's no limit to what we can be

And You're not, just a girl
You're a world
To be explored
I'm jumping in

And you're not, just a mind
You're a time
and a place where
Nothing will end.

No this won't end.
Track Name: Rats Heffner
I see these creatures who wander the streets
And I, I see their dignity downed with their drinks
I guess that life is so easy when you don't have to think

Well politics are confusing
Philosophy is weird
Head to the bars
Replace my confusion with beers
Just focus, it's the reason our downfall is here

And I'll come clean
I gave it everything
To convince myself
That you creatures weren't straight from hell
But these apologetic's
They held no credit
When all the evidence points to you being pathetic

If you refuse to work for change
All you'll leave behind
is your spiked blood stains
Track Name: Serve And Protect
Do you feel safe?
When your eyes are full of mace?
Do you feel care?
When you're pulled to the ground by your hair?

I hold no respect for any power whore.
Even in a clean pressed uniform.

Get off of my back
Wonder why I over react
Treat me like a thug
Provoke me, so I'll land in your cuffs

Done no wrong and fearing for my neck
And you're claiming you serve and protect?

What a load of shit.

Well that shiny thing on your chest don't mean a thing
It says you'll follow orders whatever they may be
And until you get the guts to intervene
In the exploitation of what the badge should mean
I'll spit at your feet.
Track Name: My Little Scientist
Well you're the chemist here
So tell me what's going on
Whatever's going through my head
It's strong

The way it pierces my skull
And echos around in my brain
I hear it all the time
It's always on my mind
I don't care if I sound insane

And I know I'm not the strongest of the lot
But I'd defend you with all that I've got
And girl you're so smart it makes me worry
That you'll realize you're too good for me

And I promise I will see this through
Cause all the right paths lead straight to you
And mere fucking miles won't change this view

I don't know what I would do
Without you
Track Name: Hitchslap
You tell me I'm going to hell
And that I must be saved
You say I gotta see the light
When I don't see a ray

You claim that I don't understand
The happiness you feel
Tell you the truth I'm glad to assume
That your god ain't real

I'd rather have my god be kind
But the god that you merchandise
Has a sick and hateful fucking mind

See well you fuckers are too stupid
To look back and understand
The history of progress
and the tendencies of man

Your bullshit and delusions
Constantly they hold us down
When fronted with opposing views
You stick your head in the ground

Just take a second to think critically
An Anthropocentric god ain't what we need
To act responsible and morally

Well now I get it
Now I understand
I finally see
You never gave a fuck about the truth
Or about me

You're all too much of cowards
To introspect then criticize
You'll have your place in history
As those who fell for the lie