Division Street

by Lover's Speed

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released April 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Lover's Speed Cedar Falls, Iowa

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Track Name: Metaphysical
I saw your face today
Weeks you have been away
But nothing has changed
Nothing has changed

I admire everything you do
Down to your every move
Please talk to me soon
Please talk to me soon

These thoughts inside our brains
I hope that they're the same
All this uncertainty drives me insane
Want nothing to do with me
I'd really like to see
It's metaphysical to me

I know deep down inside
You got nothing to hide
I hold on to the tiny hope
Down to the end of my rope
That's how I cope

It's metaphysical to me
Track Name: I Hope You're Thinking About Me
One day you're face it just glowed
And from now on I've known
That you're the one who'll understand
That you're the one I wanna take my...2 3 4!

What do I do now? What?
What the fuck, do I do now? What?

Do you think about me?
I think of you
I hope you'll let me know
If you do.
I've known you for a while
But suddenly
The sight of that smile
It's overwhelming

Every moment I daydream
About you sitting next to me
But you're so far away it seems
Is it naive for me to hope
That you ride in the same boat
And you're thinking about me
I hope you're thinking about me

One day your face it glowed
And from then on I've had to know
That you're the one who'll understand
That you're the one I wanna take my hand
My hand
Track Name: I Will Never Be Far
Thoughts of you now flood this brain
It washes away my chronic pain
It's reached its cap, now it has to drain
It's spilling all over this page

I savor, every drop
Don't want this to ever stop

Through this static appears an image of you
The only station that I ever view
Frequencies collide to make this lovely sight
I'll stay in and watch you for the night

I savor every frame
Nothing will ever be the same

Do you know what you do to me
Every single time you leave?
Do you know, you mean the world to me?
Just gotta let you know some way
So here I'll try to convey

Don't you dare change
You're incomparable
Just the way that you are
If you find yourself
In need of a friend
I wont ever be far
I will never be far
Track Name: Bigger Heart
I want you to meet me
In the garden of my back yard
So you can hear me play guitar
And know that I have a bigger heart
Like the time you can't forget
The time like many times before
The time you can't forget
The time you pushed me right out the front door

I know you probably don't wanna see me again
But I know I wanna hold you till we're skeletons
The good times they seemed perfect
But the bad times they seemed worse
And now I can't get you outta my head
And now my heart it hurts

I know it's easier
To suck it up and deal with things
Sometimes it doesn't hurt
I know I'll make it out just fine

I wanna meet you out on these streets
So I can let you know I tried so hard to meet all of your needs
And you forget so it's easier for you
Next time you'll know not to date a guy
Covered in tattoos
Track Name: Nothing
Don't fucking start
I can't tell you apart
You seem insane if you're not the same
Well I can't take this place anymore

All I've learned in school
Is how to not play the fool
And take this shit shoved down my throat
Cause I refuse to choke on any of this

You're not gonna dictate my life
On what's rumored as right
Alternatives make my life full
Get that through your fucking skull
I value community
Your way of life is not for me
Your figures, your possessions
They won't be my motivation

Don't call my name
I don't wanna hear your putrid voice
You're all essentially the same
And act as if you haven't got a choice
When you do
You always do

What are you waiting for
What are you whining for
What are you growing weary for?
What are you fighting for?
What are you striving for?
What are you always slaving for?

So this is where we go "Woah!"
Track Name: The Only Medium
Now that you lay here
In this bed with me
It's puzzling
My deep seeded discontent
It's subsiding

Respiration and my pulse both drop
My neurons freeze
Why does this feeling have to stop?
Why do you have to leave?

Cause I can think of nothing I'd rather do
Girl I don't ever wanna let go of you
These prime endorphins in my veins
Make it so much easier to deal with this pain

Every time you break my grip
It also tears
A huge part of my being
So I just sit and stare
At this half barren book
That's filled with bad poems
Trying to express how you make me feel home

Cause you're everything that I have to lose
Girl I don't ever wanna let go of you
The obstacles they are too real
But they're so insignificant to how you make me feel

The personification of comely
I gravitate towards every aspect of your being
Pigments in your eyes shine like mine
A trait that was once inconceivable to find

To get my message across to you
I can find no other medium to use
Any other way just feels wrong
Your influence lies in every note of this song
Track Name: Division Street
I don't recall when you gave me help
When I was a kid
Probably cause you never did
This institution failed at making me happy
You pulled that feeling out from under me

Treated me like I'm a joke
You stuffed your views until I choked
Positive side has suffocated
It made bitter, sad, and hated

I'm just this machines exhaust
Minimal collateral loss

Well I see right through these shades
Don't give a fuck about these grades
They don't represent my intellect at all
When I go home I grab a book
Make up for time that school took
Indoctrination didn't penetrate these walls

I lost the bounce that's in my step
I lost the hope which I once kept
I learn much more when I space off
Then hours of hearing you talk and talk

Your bullshit truths and your fake virtues
Have led me into no breakthroughs
But my defiant side
Will never die

This persona you push on me
Is not the man that I wish to be
Inspiration for something more
Lies with my hope on these three floors

This routine, this narrow way
I can't take it one more fucking day
Am I suppose to see opprotunity
All I see here
Is assimilation
Eyes drained of power
Submissive cowards
One sided stories
False sense of glory
I won't be part of
I can't be part of
I won't be part of this